Guys Chasing Girls Credits & Track List



1. Guys Chasing Girls .... 2.30

2. Spin .... 2.56

3. Snakes & Ladders .... 2.43

4. Photograph .... 3.22

5. Southern Comfort .... 3.12

6. This House Was Not A Home .... 2.57

7. Extraordinary .... 1.51 

All songs Phil Cole c 2015, except for Photograph written by Ringo Starr & George Harrison c 1973


  • Phil Cole / Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drum programming and Software Instruments
  • John Foster / Backing Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Keys and Synths
  • Bob McGilpin / Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Loops and Effects
  • Produced by Phil Cole, Bob McGilpin & John Foster
  • Mixed by Bob McGilpin at BMC Music, Nashville
  • Mastered by Brian Foraker at Autumnwood Mastering, Nashville 
  • Artwork by Ardin Beech

Special thanks to; my Nashville Team - John Foster and Bob McGilpin. Hard to believe we have done three projects in just over three years. Thanks for all the things you make possible in the studio. Working with you is an amazing experience and provides the opportunity to feature my songs in a very special way. Bob I am in awe of your dedication to "Guys Chasing Girls". Thanks so much. Thanks to Brian at Autumnwood for your amazing ear and treatment in the mastering. Thanks to Richard Helm and Jon Ims for your encouragement, comments and feedback over the years. Thanks for helping me take these songs to new heights. Thanks to RC Bannon at NSAI for encouraging me to pursue this and Bart Herbison for leading the amazing Nashville Songwriters Association International team and for providing a fantastic home base for so many singer / songwriters in Music City. Thanks to Ardin for your artwork once again! Thanks to Toyota Star Maker Winners Kaylee Bell and Mickey Pye for setting the bar so high. The production values on your projects are an inspiration to always do better. Thanks to Mandie, Janeen, Jennifer, Rochelle, Mick, Tim and Dave and friends at Bathurst Cycle Club and NSAI Sydney for your encouragement. Thanks also to 1503 2BS Gold and 99.3 B-Rock FM for the airplay and APRA for handling the royalties. Four of these songs were written after an 18 month writing break, when I set myself the challenge of writing seven songs in seven days while on vacation in Hawaii. Eight songs were written on a $30 Adam Levine Parlour Guitar that I picked up on Craigslist. I must confess that once again I butchered some Am7 and Amaj7 chords on this project. I'll try to do better next time. This EP is powered by Tim Tams.