My Most Valuable Possession

For a couple of years my "Most Valuable Possession" happened to be a little piece of paper with my name on it and a Stamp from the Bluebird Cafe. I carried it in my wallet for two years from February 2008. Along with close to 70 other singer/songwriters I had turned up at the Bluebird Cafe hoping to perform one song. Unfortunately I didn't make the cut with 36 people chosen to play in a draw from a hat. But I did leave with my piece of paper and I knew it would take me to the front of the line on my next visit to Nashville in April 2010. In 2011 I again missed the opportunity to play a song, but I left with another piece of paper that remained in my wallet until August 2012 when I again played the "bird". Unfortunately in 2014 I turned up on Memorial Day Weekend Monday and the Bluebird was closed as a sign of respect. So my 2013 piece of paper wasn't cashed in until October 2015 when I was the only person to turn up with one. And wouldn't you know it, once again there were a couple of Aussies lined up to strut their stuff. The Bluebird - thanks to NSAI and Barbara for an amazing venue where the audience really listens to the music.

NB. pieces of paper are no longer issued with songwriters having to register around lunch time each Monday.